ClampRail System

*For roofs with different Standing seam roofing
*Mounting by clamping below the fold
*No roof penetration
*High holding forces
*High flexibility and easy mounting
*Direct mounting possible with module clamps
*Pre-defined clamping area of the module manufacturer must be observed, is this not possible due to the standing steal, an assembly of cross bracing is required eg by K2 CrossRail
*Design in aluminum
*Modular structure suitable for any system size

Technical data

*Field of application: Sloped roof
*Roofing: Seam metal system
*PV modules: Suitable for all standard framed module types
*Module orientation: Portrait (direct fixing) and Landscape (with Cross bracing)
*Material: Aluminium (EN AW-6063 T66)
*Connecting elements: Stainless steel screws A2-70
*Roof connection: Screw connection / clamping
*Static principles: Determination of load capacity values by independent test institutes
*Load assumption in accordance withaccordance with: DIN EN 1991 (Eurocode 1)
*System components: K2 ClampRail, End- and Middleclamp Sets, for Cross bracing with CrossRail, Climber Set



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